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The Early Days
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Alan`s Brahmas

 I have kept chickens for just over 10 years now but have been keeping Brahmas since 2007. The first Brahmas I ever had were from some hatching eggs I purchased from e-bay. There are many tales and horror stories about eggs bought from e-bay but I was lucky enough to buy my eggs from a top e-bay seller who has become a friend through our appreciation of this wonderful breed. Having purchased a cheap manual incubator I duly purchased half a dozen Brahma bantam eggs placed them in the incubator along with a humidity gauge and thermometer. For the next 21 days I regularly turned the eggs adding and taking away water to hit the required humidity level and managed to hatch absolutely nothing.
 Frustrated by the lack of success I contacted Paul who had sold me the eggs and was glad to find him as disappointed as me at the lack of chicks while he was hatching plenty from the same pen. He suggested I travel over to collect some more eggs to save them being posted and to have a look at his birds. While there he showed me his incubators 2 Octagon20s and explained how the automatic cradle worked turning the eggs continuously. I returned home from Cheshire with a dozen fertile eggs and went straight on to the Internet to find the nearest supplier of Brinsea Incubators. By the end of the evening there was a shiny new incubator rocking backwards and forwards in my dining room waiting to be filled the next day.


Brahmas the gentle giants of the poultry world