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After visiting the two main poultry shows the National and Federation Shows at the end of 2008 I decided I would like to have a go at showing.
 The first show that I exhibited at was the Barnsley show in February 2009. This show was held at Penistone Grammar school where I was a pupil in the 1980s so was quite a good starting place I thought. I entered a Gold pullet in the Large Soft Feather class and was delighted to come 2nd in a class of 5 birds.
 A month later I took the same pullet to the East of England show at Stickney where she was once again beaten into 2nd place by a Gold Brahma cock that went on to win Best Softfeather so once again I was very pleased. The pullet I entered had not been bred by me so although the showing bug had bit the next aim was to win some prizes with birds I had bred myself.
 The chance to show some birds that I had bred myself came in the form of the Selston youngstock show in November. I entered a buff columbian bantam pullet who won her class and a gold large fowl pullet who came nowhere in a class of 8 despite my hopes for her.
 With my first 1st prize won it was time to prepare for the two major end of year shows. The National and Federation Shows are the two main shows for Brahmas with the most classes and give the oppurtunity to put your birds up against the best birds in the country.
At the National Show at Stoneleigh I entered 7 birds and received a 1st, 3 2nds a 3rd and a 4th prize. What gave me the greatest satisfaction was that 4 of the 6 prizes were for birds I had bred myself. Unfortunately my favourite bird the large gold pullet had once more failed to win a prize


 At the Federation Show in December I also entered 7 birds and won 3 classes. These were Gold bantam cockerel, Light pullet (large fowl) and non standard bantam. The 1st prize for the non standard bantam was a trophy class and so I came home with my first trophy for poultry showing. As well as these first prizes I also came 2nd in the gold pullet classes for both bantam and large fowl. The fact I came 2nd with the large gold pullet is my proudest moment so far with my brahmas as she had been a favourite bird from about 6 weeks old. The other 2 birds shown both received reserve (4th prizes) so all 7 birds won a card.

Gold bantam cockerel who was 1st at both National and Federation Shows 2009.


Blue Buff columbian bantam best non standard brahma at the Federation Show 2009.


Brahmas the gentle giants of the poultry world