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Moving forward to 2012
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Alan`s Brahmas

I thought I would add a page to update information on my birds.Over the last 2 years I have decided to concentrate on  fewer colours and concentrate on Large Fowl. I now keep a flock of Gold Partridge and a flock of Light Columbians which includes a few Blue Columbians.

This is my trio of light Columbians at the National Poultry Show in November 2011. I really enjoyed the exercise of putting together an Exhibition trio and it is a part of showing that I will be concentrating on in the future.
My Gold cockerel was also Best Gold Male at both the National and Federation Shows in 2011.webassets/IMG_0540_1.JPG

During the month of August I have had more successes with some of this year`s birds. At Ashover Show a Light pullet won Best Softfeather and was Reserve Best in Show. A few days later a trio of Lights won Best Trio at Halifax Show.
To finish off the month at Moorgreen Show a Gold cockerel won Best Large SF and was also Best 2012 hatched bird. The Light trio won Best Trio again and was then judged Best In Show which is a very rare occurence for a trio.

The Gold cockerel to the right was Best Softfeather at Moorgreen Show and is a son of the bird pictured who won at National and Federation Shows in 2011.


Brahmas the gentle giants of the poultry world